Turkey Refuses to play Israeli National Anthem at World Youth Chess Championship

Chessbase.com reports on the refusal by Turkish chess federation to play the National anthem of Israel for the winner of the U-14 section of the World Youth Chess championship held in Antalya.

Of especial interest is the Girls Under 14 group. On the one hand it was won by an old friend, WFM Marsel Efroimski, whom we encountered in our report on Israel Schoolmates and Champions. There was a protest launched when the Israeli National Anthem was not played at the closing ceremony (see below). The other was a the bronze medal by Saranya, the under-privileged Indian talent we read about in report last month. Note too that Peru took two gold medals, thanks to the Cori siblings Deysi (Girls U16) and Jorge (Under 14).


Still wrong to be born Armenian

Reading the following article in Today’s Zaman, a Turkish Islamist press, one inevitably will end up asking the following question: Will it ever be safe to be an Armenian in Turkey, you know like an Englishman in New York or something???

The investigation into an alleged illegal network known as Ergenekon has revealed that a civilian who was formerly employed by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) had collected detailed information on Turkey’s ethnic Armenian population.

Ergenekon investigators found that Fatma Cengiz, who is currently a suspect in the case against Ergenekon, collected various dossiers regarding the Armenian community in Turkey. The file included a list of subscribers to the bilingual Armenian weekly Agos.

In addition, there were lists of names and members of Armenian foundations and churches, which were classified as “active” or not, as well as the balance sheets of Agos.

Ex-SS trooper Adolf Storms charged over mass shooting of Jews – Times Online

Ex-SS trooper Adolf Storms charged over mass shooting of Jews – Times Online.

Ryerson University Apologizes for Featuring Genocide Denier

Ontario; On February 18, 2009, The Department of Sociology at Ryerson
University, and the Federation of Canadian Turkish Associations
organized an evening lecture on campus titled “Elaborations on Turkish
strategies to dealing with issues around Armenian Allegations and
beyond”. The lecture was delivered by Professor Turkkaya Ataov, a
leading denier of the Armenian Genocide. The lecture was equivalent to
Neo-Nazi propaganda presented to deny the Jewish Holocaust. Prof. Ataov
trivialized the reality of the Armenian Genocide and presented the
usual Turkish Government’s views.

Ryerson University’s
student body was outraged by the fact that such an event had been
cosponsored by a department of their university and raised concerns
through letters and by signing petitions which included names of
approximately 300 Ryerson students.

After several meetings
with department heads and administration, Dr. Sheldon Levy, the
president of Ryerson University, in a letter to Sally Sahagian, the
president of the Armenian Students’ Association at Ryerson University,
apologized to the Ryerson community by stating, “On behalf of Ryerson
University, I would like to apologize for the pain and suffering
experienced in particular by the members of the Armenian Community
as a result of this event” He then assured the student body that the
university’s views were in line with that of the Canadian Government,
the International Association of Genocide Scholars and the hundreds of
historians and experts researching the topic internationally. Dr. Levy
stated, “Ryerson University supports Prime Minster Harper’s statement
on behalf of all Canadians that the Armenian Genocide is a historical
fact, unquestionably part of the historical record with tremendous
suffering.” LINK