Azerbaijan and Military Industry

Here is an article in Russian on the prospects of the newly formed military industry cooperation between South Africa and Azerbaijan. The gist of the article basically states that the prospect of the cooperation is basically dim for the following reasons: Azerbaijan and SAR are hoping to provide post-soviet armies in the region, excepting Armenia of course with whom Azerbaijan has a ton of unresolved issues, with light military transportation vehicles for waging mobile combats. The problem is that the cost benefit margin will be such that the armies of the region will still have to buy Russian military hardware since Russia is going to heavily discount comparable vehicles for countries it is in alliance with through the newly formed military umbrella structure of the CSTO. LINK in Russian

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Freddy vs. Safarov

Via Blogian. I just discovered some cartoons depicting the cowardly murderer Ramil Safarov who murdered his Armenian counterpart while the latter was asleep and decapitated him. The two were attending a NATO organized language training school in Budapest. I have no idea what the accompanying article says, since I am not a Hungarian (any out there who can transalate this for me I would greatly appreciate) but the cartoons (and again cartoons, what the hades is happening to this world, cartoons are taking over the world) tell it all. For more info on the heinous murder here.

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