Still wrong to be born Armenian

Reading the following article in Today’s Zaman, a Turkish Islamist press, one inevitably will end up asking the following question: Will it ever be safe to be an Armenian in Turkey, you know like an Englishman in New York or something???

The investigation into an alleged illegal network known as Ergenekon has revealed that a civilian who was formerly employed by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) had collected detailed information on Turkey’s ethnic Armenian population.

Ergenekon investigators found that Fatma Cengiz, who is currently a suspect in the case against Ergenekon, collected various dossiers regarding the Armenian community in Turkey. The file included a list of subscribers to the bilingual Armenian weekly Agos.

In addition, there were lists of names and members of Armenian foundations and churches, which were classified as “active” or not, as well as the balance sheets of Agos.


What Happens when Perez Hilton meets Kim Kardashian?

apparently this!

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Armenians of Lebanon Profiled In NY Times

Their political apparatus is a model of discipline. Their vast array
of social services is a virtual state within a state. Their enemies
accuse them of being pawns of Syria and Iran. They are the Armenian Christians of Lebanon, one of the Middle East’s most singular and least-understood communities. And if they sound a bit like Hezbollah, the Shiite militant group based here, that is no accident.

month, the main Armenian political bloc decided to support Hezbollah’s
alliance in the coming parliamentary elections in Lebanon against the
pro-American parliamentary majority. Because of their role as a crucial
swing vote, the Armenians could end up deciding who wins and who loses
in what is often described as a proxy battle between Iran, Hezbollah’s
patron, and the West.

That fact has brought new attention to the
Armenians, a distinct and borderless ethnic group that is spread
throughout the region much as the Jews once were. In Lebanon, they have
their own schools, hospitals and newspapers. They speak their own
language, with its own alphabet.
Their main political party, Tashnaq, operates in 35 countries and has a
secretive world committee that meets four times a year. Their
collective memory of the genocide carried out against them in Turkey
from 1915 to 1918 helps maintain their identity in a far-flung diaspora.LINK

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The Trailer of Robert Guediguian’s L’Armée du crime

Here is a  trailer of Robert Guediguian’s upcoming new film L’Armée du crime about the Missak Manouchian led resistance against the Nazi occupation of Paris during the World War II. Looks really good. Hopefully it will be released in the States.

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Armenian-American Legendary Jazz Producer Profiled in WSJ

George Avakian probably has done more to influence the way jazz has
been heard over the past 70 years than anyone else alive. Mr. Avakian,
who celebrated his 90th birthday in March, may not have single-handedly
invented the jazz album, but in 1939 and 1940 he got the concept off
the ground. He is responsible for essential albums by Louis Armstrong,
Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck and other jazz greats — a
list much too long for this column. And he ran the first jazz reissue

Born in the aftermath of the Armenian Genocide, Mr. Avakian arrived
in New York in 1923. The first jazz record he distinctly remembers
hearing was of the Casa Loma Orchestra in 1933, when he was 14, and the
first jazz star he remembers seeing in person is Lucky Millinder, at a
theater in New York’s Washington Heights, the part of upper Manhattan
where Mr. Avakian grew up. He got hooked on jazz via the radio, hearing
Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and others. By 1936, when
attending the Horace Mann School in the Bronx’s Riverdale neighborhood,
he contrived to interview Benny Goodman for the school paper; in 1962,
Mr. Avakian accompanied Goodman on his ground-breaking tour of Russia. LINK

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