Still wrong to be born Armenian

Reading the following article in Today’s Zaman, a Turkish Islamist press, one inevitably will end up asking the following question: Will it ever be safe to be an Armenian in Turkey, you know like an Englishman in New York or something???

The investigation into an alleged illegal network known as Ergenekon has revealed that a civilian who was formerly employed by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) had collected detailed information on Turkey’s ethnic Armenian population.

Ergenekon investigators found that Fatma Cengiz, who is currently a suspect in the case against Ergenekon, collected various dossiers regarding the Armenian community in Turkey. The file included a list of subscribers to the bilingual Armenian weekly Agos.

In addition, there were lists of names and members of Armenian foundations and churches, which were classified as “active” or not, as well as the balance sheets of Agos.


The European Court of Human Rights to Consider Case of Destroyed Armenian Khachkars

The Caucasian knot is reporting that the EU Court of Human Rights is to consider the destruction of the Armenian khachkars in Nakhijevan:

The European Court for Human Rights has accepted to consideration the claim against Azerbaijan demanding to find the state guilty of destroying Armenian khachkars in Staraya Dzhuga (Nakhichevan). The claim against the government of Azerbaijan was filed by the organization named “The Board West-Armenian Armenians”.

According to Samvel Karapetyan, coordinator of the Yerevan-based office of the “Organization for Studying Armenian Architecture”, a mass destruction of Armenian khachkars (stone crosses) was registered in 1998 in the Armenian cemetery in Staraya Dzhuga. Many khachkars were buried under earth, the remaining were destroyed and thrown into the Araks River.

Link to the full report here.

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