Ex-SS trooper Adolf Storms charged over mass shooting of Jews – Times Online

Ex-SS trooper Adolf Storms charged over mass shooting of Jews – Times Online.


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  1. The Jews that are destroying America will go to trial way before they are 90.

  2. They were just doing what their country told them. I don’t think anyone would just shoot themselves in the head instead of doing what their government told them to do. Right or wrong not following the government is treason. The leaders are held accountable and they were. You can’t punish all of it’s citizens otherwise every ex soldier in Japan should be put to death for fighting against America. It’s over get over it. Enough babying the Jews. Why do we support Israel and Jewish people so much, they don’t even believe in Jesus Christ. Even the Muslim’s acknowledge Jesus Christ, they just don’t follow him.

  3. Sounds like the blacks…..Always crying bout the past. keep it up,after you are all gone the world will be a better place.

  4. GET OVER IT. I am tired of listening to the Jews complain and cry about anything that doens’t go their way.We must stop supporting these people.

  5. blame the jews for everything, that’ll solve your problems. what a bunch of small minded people

  6. You are all dumb. Yeah it’s in the past but you talking about how they all bitch and complain… Look what the hell your doing. Shut up!!!

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